“Hoshino’s Anime Beauty Shop”の日本語化、「星野アニメ美人画販売所」への移行について

Midjourneyで生成した、独自の工夫のある照明が特徴の「三次元アニメ」を主体とした画像を、様々なニーズのある方々に販売する事業ということで、英語圏のお客様や日本以外のお客様に向けて、”Hoshino’s Anime Beauty Shop“という英語名称で2ヶ月間運営してきました。









をこの間運用してきて、様々な反応や反響から、Hoshino’s Anime Beauty Shopの内容を、日本のお客様向けに最良のものとして、インターナショナルなお客様については英語で補足する程度で行くのが賢明である、という結論に達しました。





星野アニメ美人画販売所 運営責任者 今泉大輔

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Japanese local language research for English report

I am currently making research reports on overseas markets and industries for Japanese companies. Since Japanese businessmen in general are not good at reading, writing, and speaking English language, there is a large demand of making research report from English sources.

Now I have come to know an opposite demand exists. This means that many international businesses need industrial and market information which is found only in Japanese language documents.

Previously, I was working for Cisco Systems Tokyo office and reporting to San Jose HQ consulting division’s director. At that time, I was making many reports and documents in English, naturally. I learned many things from the research work at Cisco. There are so many findings and facts about Japanese industries to repot to Cisco HQ in English.

If you are searching for a research professional in Japan-specific theme, please feel free to ask me.

My email address is

daisuke-imaizumi atmark infra-commons.jp

Compensation for a day of research work and report-making is around USD 1,000. In most cases, one research work would be completed in three working days. Sometimes, one day of work would be enough. I am a very fast researcher.

My coverage is as follows.

  • Semiconductor
  • Business IT (financial, manufacturing, retail, logistics, ERP, and cloud)
  • Digital Twin
  • AI
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • B2C Financial Services
  • Automotive (EV, autonomous driving)
  • Electric power and generation
  • Carbon compound
  • CO2 reduction

A brief online meeting of about 15 minutes for your research topic is ok to have. Please feel free to ask anything. I will update a sample report very soon.

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