About us

InfraCommons, Inc. is a company working for various fields.

Established in 2003, our company started as an Internet B2C business start-up company. Our CEO Daisuke Imaizumi once was trying to establish “Time Commerce” platform for users who have specific expertise, but the business environment was too immature to realize sustainable revenue.

Imaizumi was originally a consulting researcher in the business consulting industry and working for research projects in power, financial service, auto-manufacturing, and retail. Especially about the power industry, he had an industry-wide viewpoint and many knowledge-sharing experiences. From 2011, the business domain of our company shifted to infrastructure research and consulting mainly for power plant projects. We changed our company name as InfraCommons.

As he has been originally a professional IT field, and once was working for Cisco Systems business consulting division, our CEO tried to create a completely new cryptocurrency that would benefit many low-income persons in the world. Due to insufficient fund, the plan of the new cryptocurrency remain unfinished.

Currently, our company is taking opportunities in various fields, namely, solar power project trading, wood-biomass power project consulting, COVID 19 virus killer equipment, health supplement and Bitcoin trading.

Company name: InfraCommons, Inc.

CEO: Daisuke Imaizumi

LinkedIn Daisuke Imaizumi

Contact email: info@infra-commons.jp